Happy Birthday to Me!

Here are some pictures from my wonderful birthday weekend. If your're wondering why I have pics of my kitchen and bath....well it's because I asked for a clean house for my birthday and the boys obliged!

Dinner at Reata...I had the red snapper and it was pretty good

Lunch at Pirahnna's...Oh, how I love sushi!

clean toilets....I hate cleaning toilets

Terrance geared up before cleaning thus said toilets! Is this really necessary?

All men on board....even the boys chipped in to make my birthday special

clean mirrors, floors, and sinks

The cleanest kitchen this side of Fort Worth!

There may have been a few more times when eating was involved. I didn't mention Olive Garden, homemade breakfast, or the Sprinkles cupcakes. I may have gained 5 extra pounds but it made for a wonderful birthday weekend!

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