Kids Say The Darndest Things Evanisms

My friend Katie has come up with a new term for all of the crazy quotes that Evan comes up with. They are now officially called "Evanisms" I like that! More Evanisms comin' at ya!

Evan: "Mommy, you go to work to make lots of money. Money for movies, food and toys"
Me: "Right!"
(Did I need to weigh him down with the reality of paying for bills, mortgage, tuition, cars, insurance and credit cards and property taxes?)

Evan: "Mommy can I have some juice"
Me: "I can't let you have juice because daddy already told you no"
Evan: "Mommy you're a grown up so you do what you wanna do"

Evan: "Mommy, you don't shake the bugs your friends hand you becuase it gives them a headache"
Me: "How do you know that?"

While sitting in the travel agents office, Evan looks up at the ceiling which happens to have water stained ceiling tiles............

Evan: "Mommy, it looks like pee on the ceiling"

Evan: "Mommy did you smell something?"
Me: "No, should I?
Evan: "Yes because I pooted!"
Me: "Seriously!,......At the dinner table! you couldn't take that to the restroom"

Evan: "Mommy it hurts my foot when I jump off of the couch"
Me: "Then why are you doing it?
Evan: "Because it's fun"

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  1. Hey aunty shanita. This is Kevan, Evan is a mess. LOL!! Him and his little Evanisms.LOL.! But I'm glad to hear all is good with you and Ian is getting big. LOL!



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