Soccer Updates

This past weekend was the first game of Evan's spring soccer season at the YMCA. The season was postponed for two weeks prior due to bad weather here in the metroplex, but they decided to not let Mother Nature win, and they had cute little 3-5 year olds and their crazy parents out in 30 degree weather complete with snow flurries just to see them strut their stuff. Atleast we didn't have 6 inches of snow like my in-laws reported in Missouri. That would have been treacherous!
Here are some pics of our fun morning. I was so proud of Evan. He didn't grumble or complain at all and he was actually a good little goalie. He did however yell "Stop doing that....your'e cheating!" when the other team scored a goal on him.
Ian bundled up before the game

Evan before the game

Ian freezing his bones off

Evan playing Goalie

Evan assuming the position....or talking to an imaginary friend. Who knows?

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