Blue Skies

Okay, here's a picture that I took in the car the other day (don't worry, I was at the stop light :-) Evan was in the back seat and he said "Mommy, look at the clouds....I really like the little ones, they are closer to us!"

So this got me to thinkin'. When do we ever take time out of our busy, chaotic lives to just sit back and appreciate God's creation! I can't remember the last time I've stopped to look at the clouds or the stars or the sunset or appreciate the changing of the seasons. Get my point? It's time to slow down.

The skies are clearer now this way. I'm no longer a sourpuss and I'm sure everyone is glad for that. Evan was a good little boy today in school....or atleast he was "much better" according to his teacher. Hey, I'll take what I can get! Terrance took the day off from work and personally escorted him to and from class and had a long talk about making good choices. I've been sleeping better and I'm more patient and less frustrated. Thanks for the prayers!

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