The Witchin' Hour

I need any and everyone’s help on this one. I need ideas on how to get through a terrible time that happens daily in the Lofton house! I call it The Witchin’ Hour. It happens usually between the hours of 3 and 5 in the afternoon and I dread it more than the plague! It is a time when the Lofton boys are in rare form. They are cranky, whining, fighting, yelling, and hard to make behave. I have so many examples of all of the above, but just trust me when I tell you it’s not a pretty sight. I just try to make sure we are at home during these hours because it is magnified when we are in public. I have tried the following interventions to no avail:

1. Forcing them to have quiet time: this does not work because it’s usually right after their afternoon nap, plus if I could get them to be quiet then we would not be blogging about the witchin’ hour
2. Food: I supply them with a late lunch or early dinner, whatever you want to call it: Hey food makes me feel better when I’m cranky….not so much for them
3. Changing their nap time from 12-2 to 2-4: this just makes them go to bed later at night or moves their witchin’ hour up a few hours
4. Ignoring them: Hey what else do you do. I figured this is just a time for them to vent out all their frustrations so I let them fuss over toys, throw their tantrums, run around like mad men and cry till their hearts content while I try to catch up on my recorded dvr shows. Needless to say….this does not work.
5. Hugs and Kisses: only works temporarily

So if anyone has any ideas, PLEASE HELP. My sweet little boys need an intervention!


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  2. How about...getting them a couple of dogs that they can love and take care of and nurture?!? As it would happen, I know of 2 beagles that would love to occupy their time. Yeah right, and if my wife ever sees this comment...

    Just remembered to check out the blog for the first time. FANTASTIC!! I love it. When is your first book being published?


  3. I'm a little late here... My kids have a similar issue.. after nap. This sometimes works for me: individual distractions - I have one color in the dining room while the other does play doh in the kitchen. There's nobody to argue with that way. Or I send them both into the backyard to work it out where I don't have to hear them. Poor neighbors. Or a structured activity - we bake cookies. They get to take turns pouring and mixing and if they can do it nicely without driving mommy NUTS they get to eat their work.


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