Kids Say The Darndest Things

Ok, with my being a nurse and all, I teach my boys the correct terms for ALL body parts! My husband thinks that this is a bit much, but my opinion is that even though it may be shocking to hear a 2 yr old say "penis".....it is equally as shocking to hear a grown man say "tallywacker" Get my point?! Well, the other day while getting ready for our weekly play date, I sent Evan to go potty. While I was brushing Ian's teeth, Evan looks over at me from the "throne" and says, "Mommy, do penises have bones?" I explained to him, with a straight face, that penises have muscles and not bones, thinking that this would be enough info for him. He goes on to say, "well why is the skin on my penis shrinking?" I wanted to laugh so hard. I calmly said, "because it's cold Evan" and immediately changed the subject to how much fun we are going to have at playgroup!! Where is daddy when you need him? I was so not ready for that line of questioning. If I had a girl, I would have to explain to her the woes of menstruation, so I feel that it's Terrance's duty to explain the woes of early morning penile shrinking! Fair is fair!

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  1. Oh! You make me laugh so hard!! ".. the woes of early morning penile shrinking." Good for you to use correct terminology though.


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