Oops I Did It Again......Did I Do That?!

Okay, I'm not sure why the world gave Britney Spears so much grief about driving with her kids slumped over in the car seat behind her. I'm sure he didn't start out that way! I mean seriously, what is she supposed to do, turn around and readjust them while driving 70 down the highway! That just doesn't work.....trust me! Well, I'm here to air my own dirty laundry! The bad part is that I paused to take pictures before I fixed 'em up! I even tapped Terrance on the shoulder and we both laughed before I did my readjustment.
On a more serious note, so that no one thinks that I'm a cruel and unfit mother, I was thinking to myself (while taking pictures)..... "DID I JUST DO THAT?!"


  1. use kids car seat with your children for safty

  2. To the anonymous comment above, I do use AAP car seats for my children. Evan is technically old enough and tall enough to be in a booster....he's just skinny! Thanks for the concern though. And BTW...just because Britax costs boocoos of money, it's not the only safe car seat out there so no need to send a link to the Britax site. And for the record, after buying a new 5pt harness booster for Evan (installed correctly) he still had the head drooping. Thanks


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