Kids say the darndest things!

Okay, I admit that I should probably limit how much time Evan spends playing Nintendo Wii. We bought the system orginally as a birthday present for myself with the intentions of using the Wii Fit game as a motivation for me to exercise. It has now been 196 days since I've used my Wii Fit (I know this because the crazy game tells you how many days since your last workout!). I thought the games were too advanced for Evan to even enjoy, but he has proved us wrong. He can turn the system on, load and unload his desired game and even hook up the required attachments for each game. Way too advanced! Anyway, one evening, Evan was playing MarioKart which is a driving game. Instead of driving....he was doing somersaults up the ramps and running into trees, driving backwards,etc. Everything but drive down the lane to the finish line. I told him that he wasn't going to win if he kept acting silly. His reply was "Mommy, It isn't silly when you're having fun!" I mean....what do you say to that!?

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