It's funny how two kids born to the same parents, living in the same house can be so different. I have been blessed with pretty healthy kids and for that I'm thankful, but Ian is hands down the "sickliest" of the two. Over the last week Ian has been battling a cold of sorts. Coughing, runny nose, fever, diarrhea.....You get the point. This happens every couple of months or so. Evan hardly ever gets sick. Not even a runny nose since around age 2. But yesterday morning Evan blurts out in the car, "Mommy I need some medicine because I'm sick" I blow him off because he asked for medicine all last week when I was pumping Ian up full of over the counter cold remedies. I explained to him then, that you take medicine only when you are sick, not just because other people are doing it, and he went on his merry little way.

Well, the day went on as usual, we enjoyed breakfast at McDonald's, no problems at school, followed by lunch from Chick Fil A (yeah,yeah, yeah, we eat out A LOT....I'm working on it) But during lunch, Evan has to have a potty break that produces runny stool! He immediately goes to his room to lay down. I'm thinking "What....he's going to take a nap" (Evan has been slowly weaning himself from his afternoon nap so this is out of character for him, especially on his own will) Well a couple of hours later, daddy surprises us and comes home early from school because his basketball game was cancelled due to possible freezing weather. (Texans don't take any chances with bad weather). While we were watching TV, Evan comes out of his room and Terrance looks at him and says"WHOA!" I turn around and Evan is covered in vomit and is slowly walking our way! Not only is he covered in vomit, but this vomit is pasted to his face, hair, surgical incision, clothing, headboard, bed, and wall. What happened in there? It was like a scene from the exorcist. And it had to have happened a while before he got out of bed because it was mushy and caked on. GROSS! Now I'm a nurse and I see and smell lots of different bodily fluids, but vomit gets to me every time! I'm tempted to trash the whole comforter set and shirt he was wearing but I suck it up and gather it all and toss it in the washer. We try to tell him to let us know when he feels sick and then.......ding-ding-ding. I remember his statement from earlier that morning. Not only that but Terrance said that he told him the same thing that morning. Now we are both feeling like less than stellar parents! Poor thing, he tried to tell the two people who are put on this earth to take care of him, that he's not feeling too hot and we both blow it off as childish rambling!

After a nice hot bath, and fresh pajamas, and a little TLC...Evan is back to his usual self. But we learned a valuable lesson......LISTEN TO YOUR KIDS! Terrance brought to my attention how blessed we are that God was watching over our kids even when we weren't because he could have easily choked on his emesis in his sleep or aspirated it into his lungs or something. Instead he slept on like a baby until his nap was over and arose like nothing was wrong! And for that we are thankful!

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