A Boy & His Best Friend

Ian is very reserved, a bit of an introvert.  It takes a while for him to open up to people. It took me a while to accept this fact.   I had to work hard for Ian’s affection when he was smaller and I’ll be honest…I thought the kid just didn’t like me.  I wasn’t used to convincing people that I am worthy of their affection.  I’m Shanita for goodness sake!  My firstborn was the total opposite. Freely giving his time and attention and endearments to any Joe Blow within a 12 inch radius. But with Ian, there are very few individuals worthy of his affection.  The good news is that once you’re in…you’re in.  Here’s a picture of Ian and his brotha from anutha motha, Gavin.  Ian loves this kid.  He wishes that he was his brother (his words not mine). Here they are holding hands on the way to a friendly game of kickball. A boy and his best friend.  Enjoy!



  1. So sweet!!! I and G are best buds, for sure! And, finally, a blog update. Yeah!

  2. Great post and great pictures!!!!!

  3. so cute! wont it be sad when the day comes that its no longer cool to hold your brutha from anutha mutha's hand?

  4. omg, i like read everythin what you write here :D im polish girl, and i think you are coll mom, and BRILLIANT wife ofc :D you have funny sons :D! if i made stupid mistakes, sorry, but my english is not very good :< SO GREETINGS FROM POLAND!


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