Date Night

Terrance and I hardly ever go on dates. One reason is because I am usually working every weekend and Terrance gets home a bit too late during the week for us to really make that happen.  The other obvious reason is because we have stragglers children and no family around to dump them off on help watch them.  We joined a babysitting service but each time we use them we are guaranteed to pay them $60.00 which is a bit steep just for us to go have dinner.  It gets kind of pricey to pay for childcare, dinner, and entertainment on a regular basis. I know we shouldn't put a price tag on the importance of bonding with your spouse but that old adage 'money doesn't grow on trees' rings true! 

Well the other day our friend Karla helped us out and agreed to watch the boys for a couple of hours while we attended a church banquet. It was nice getting dressed up to enjoy a nice dinner complete with singing, door prizes and a message from none other than Terrance himself.  I love my kids to bits but it is amazing how refreshing it is to have an evening away from them, if only for a few hours at a time, to enjoy some togetherness as a couple. Ahhhh!

Couples Ministry Christmas Banquet

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  1. What an attractive couple!! And you guys look so fun to be around!


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