Out of the mouths of babes


I recently spent an entire night with five boys ages 3, 4, 5, 6 and 3 months old.  It was actually a pretty docile night even with a baby that woke up every three hours.  Even Terrance was exhausted from all of the baby rocking.  P1030896 I was pretty proud that I got through the night unscathed. I put on my big girl britches and packed them all up in the mini van and put my best foot forward.  I will admit that I was a bit nervous, especially with the three month old, but  baby Cannon proved to be the perfect overnight guest.  All he wanted to do was eat and sleep!  I wanted to share some of the quotes heard throughout the night from the rambunctious bunch ‘o boys to give you a snippet of the fun times we had!

Ian: Hey Gavin, did you know that Michael Jackson died because he was old and sick? (my boys love MJ’s music and have recently become obsessed with his tragic demise)

Gavin: My dog died too like Michael Jackson

Harrison: My teacher’s husband is dead too, he’s old…like 98 and he’s bald.


Ian: People die when they get old.  Like mommy is gonna die when she’s older than 34.

Harrison: You know, My dad pulled my teeth out with his t-shirt and there was blood on it.  I like the taste of blood.  It tastes good!

Me:  Umm…that’s kind of gross Harrison.

Harrison: Well, it does taste good.

***while swinging on the swing set at the park***

Evan: Hey Ian…does swinging tickle your penis?

Ian: yes, it does tickles my penis!

Evan:  Weee…it tickles my penis!

Greta: Ok,  how many more times can we say penis out loud and have all the moms look at us like we’re crazy!

Ian: Mommy, Gavin doesn’t want to be my best friend anymore…only Evan’s and I was jealous.

Me: No need to be jealous because people can have more than one friend!

Ian: But he’s my friend!

Me: Hey Gavin…You know your brother fell and broke his arm?

Gavin: Yeah, I know.  That was a bad decision.  He needs a time out!


There were so many more laugh out loud moments but I’ll leave you with these to brighten your day!

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