Menu Planning Monday

Well, our fridge has been bare for the past couple of weeks. Last week our menu consisted of whatever we had in the freezer and pantry. It made for some depressing meals. My highlight meal of the week was Olive Garden on last Friday. That is until our check arrived. It is hard for me to justify spending $55 dollars on one meal these days when that same amount of money could easily buy 5 simple dinners for our family. In this financial climate...every bit of money saved is a big deal. So I am rededicating myself to weekly menu planning in order to not be tempted to eat out!

Monday: Cheesy Chicken Lasagna

Tuesday: My Favorite Meatloaf with  crock pot mac n cheese and mashed potatoes

Wednesday: Fried Fish & Fries

Thursday: Spaghetti

Friday: Breakfast for Dinner (pancakes, bacon, eggs and cheese grits)

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