Family Fun

We were blessed to have my in-laws, Lois & Willard visit this weekend! They have actually been in Texas all week (from Kansas City) but the majority of the week was spent in San Antonio visiting great grandma Lofton who is 96 years old!

Anyway, they tried to sneak away on Saturday morning but the boys and I hit them hard and heavy with the guilt trip and they lovingly decided to stay until Monday morning! So I was on a mission to make their stay worth it! And what better way to do that than with food! We also enjoyed a little shopping and perusing of classic cars and such but mostly we ate and ate till we were full as a tick! I even showed them my friends house that she recently put on the market in hopes that they would buy it and move down here to the great state of Texas....it didn't work! At any rate, I loved every minute of our eating adventure even though we are all an easy five pounds heavier once the weekend was over!

We tried to introduce them to places original to Texas and I think we did a pretty good job especially since Lois has a pretty picky palate!

First on our list was Hoffbrau Steaks. I really enjoyed my meal (but I was starving by the time we made it there) and so did the boys! Lois claimed that she's had better ribs.... But she's a bit biased by her love for Kansas City BBQ! Willard was presented with some severely overdone potato skins but they replaced them with a more acceptable batch once he bit into them and they crumbled into pieces! And, the fried pickles were so salty that you could only eat a couple before you felt your blood pressure shoot through the roof!

The next morning, my plan was to fill their bellies so full that they couldn't bear to travel all the way back to KC! So we had breakfast at Ol' South Pancake House! The pancakes were so friggin' thick that they literally blew up in your belly! I of course stuck with my Dutch Babies! My plan worked and after breakfast they decided that they would stay for another night or two!

After a 6 hour break for our digestive systems...Next on our list was Buttons Restaurant. This place is southern soul food at it's finest. Every dish was delicious. From the fried green tomatoes to the chicken and waffles and shrimp,fish and grits! Even the boys cleaned their plates! This meal was a home run and we almost did a repeat the next day it was so good!

We scarfed down donuts and kolaches for breakfast Sunday morning and got our praise on at church. I haven't been to church in quite a while due to my work schedule so I was especially blessed during service. It was one of those sermons where you felt like the pastor was talking to you and you only! Geez!

Finally, on our Texas style eating adventure we had lunch at Risky's Barbeque! I wasn't as impressed with anything except the brisket and baked potato that Terrance had. Everything else was just okay! Of course Lois thought she proved her point that Kansas City BBQ kicks Texas BBQ butt! I wouldn't know because BBQ is not one of my favorite dishes! By this time...our bellies were mounting a revolt against food! We all agreed that maybe we should have headed straight home and eaten leftovers from Buttons!

All in all, our weekend eating adventure/family fun time was awesome. I love being able to punt my parenting duties off to the grandparents! It kind of sux not being around extended family and we are always a bit saddened when they leave! But life must go on and it was fun while it lasted!

With Love,

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