Reading & Writing

The downside to having a kid who can now read and write is that we now get random letters from Evan every so often that could one day incriminate us. Like this one written to Terrance (while I was at work):

Translation: When will we eat? Sign here.

The other day Evan was caught doing something so gross and silly that I refuse to share on this blog which resulted in him being banned from all technology! The boy actually went through withdrawal! It was funny and sad to watch! But this is the letter that he wrote to his dad about 12 hours into his punishment:

Translation: When can I play the wii? Terrance's response (in the bubble): I don't know. It's up to you!

Geez... Whatever happened to face to face communication!!


  1. This is hilarious!! Just feed the kid, Terrance, geeze! LOL! I tease. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Oh, let me tell you... I get letters frequently. "Dear Mom, You don't love me anymore. If you did you'd let me have a slumber party. You should love me. My heart is so sad. Love, Natalie" Good luck Terrance and Shanita!!


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