Wee Bit Wednesday

{one} what is your dream job?
I'd love to be an author!

{two} how many best friends do you have?
Two besties and a couple of really close friends to add to that.

{three} what’s the longest road trip you’ve ever taken?
Kansas City, MO. 

{four} if you had to do one single thing every day for the next year, what would it be?
Take a nap

{five} what’s one story your family always tells about you?
Once my brother and I were playing baseball and we used a hammer as the baseball....I know, crazy right?  Well, my brother threw, I swung and missed and the hammer hit my forehead and it was a bloody masacre that scared my parents to death and my forehead is forever mauled!

{six} how did your parents pick your name?
My mom had a friend named Shalita, so I'm thinking Shanita was a spin on that!

{seven} what’s the one thing that scares you more than anything?

{eight} are you a good cook?
NO!!! I do have one or two dishes I'm good at but that's it!

{nine} where do you see yourself in 20 years?
Retired and financially set so I can enjoy my grandbabies!

{ten} what’s your best childhood memory?
Going camping with my family.  I loved sleeping in tents, bathing in the lake, hanging out in the boat and spending all day in my swim suit!

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