Random Questions

Every since Easter Ian has been grilling us with questions about God. I think its because we had an Easter play and one of the characters of course was God. Some of his questions are pretty straight forward and can be explained easily to a three year old and others are a bit more intense (for lack of a better word). I of course punt all God questions off to Terrance since they are right up his alley and because there has to be some kind of perk for being married to a youth minister!

Here are some of the questions that Ian rattled off in rapid succession in the car this morning:

1. Does God only have one son?

2. Why is God big?

3. Does God have a deep voice?

4. Why can't we see God?

5. Is God really everywhere?

6. Why does God want us to be good?

Evan:(as he smacks the palm of his hand on his forehead) Here he goes again with his God questions!

Me: Ask your dad when he gets home!

Of course this post would not be complete if I didn't tell you about the off the wall questions that Evan has asked this week:

1. If I had a sister could I marry her and make babies?

2. Why didn't you make me a twin?

3. Do birds ever run in to each other when they are flying?

4. Mommy, why is your tummy so soft?

I try to answer questions as honestly as I can while still preserving their innocence which is tricky! But I will admit that on occasion I will ignore the question all together or cleverly change the subject depending on my mood.

*for the record...I have a friend who's really pregnant (as in baby due tomorrow) which is where the baby questions stem from...I think!

With Love,

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