Father of the Year

Just wanted the world (or at least the 16 or so folks who read my blog) know that despite the fact that he sometimes gets on my last nerve my hubs is a pretty awesome dad. He will take the boys any and everywhere on his own with no questions asked. Church (check) doctors office (check) birthday parties (check) movies (check) drag races (check) chuck e cheese (check) ER visit (check)! He has always been a hands on dad. He changed diapers, took over the 2am feedings, initiated potty training, and he even bathes, and puts the boys to bed with a bedtime story! Yep, he's pretty amazing. And yes ladies...he's all mine!

Well it's always good when someone other than your significant other recognizes your awesomeness so Terrance was proud when he received the Father of the Year Award from our church on Father's Day.

It is no secret that I am frequently absent from church due to my job and my extreme need for sleep, so I was not there to witness him receive this honor and I was pretty bummed but I let him know that he truly did deserve the award and so much more!

So if you see him around, give him a pat on the back and say "Congrats Father of The Year" just so we can see him blush! Wait, do black men blush?!

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