Mama Bear

My rational mind knows that I can't keep my kids safely tucked away in a cocoon in order to keep them happy, healthy and safe, but the 'Mama Bear in me wants to protect them by any means necessary!

Where is all of this coming from you ask! Well the other day Evan came home from school and told me that he touched Mackenzie (a pretty 'lil caucasian girl in his class) on the shoulder and she told him that she doesn't like for brown people to touch her. Evan's little feelings were so hurt. I think it was magnified because Evan has spent the majority of his life thinking that he's white since his skin is lighter than the rest of the family and all of the other black people he knows. So to hear from one of his peers that not only is he really black, but that also people may not want to have anything to do with him because he's black was a double whammy!

I spent some time explaining to Evan that he's smart and wonderful and handsome and a good friend and black is beautiful and so forth and so on in an attempt to build back up the self esteem that 'lil miss Mackenzie attempted to tear down.

One of my character flaws is that I tend to hold grudges so I had to swallow the disgust I felt toward the child that hurt my baby's feelings when I saw her and her mom the next day in class. I wanted to say something to the mom but what could be said? I had a few things in mind but it would not make the situation any better! I was itching to lay my hand on her little shoulder and say "Good morning Mackenzie" just to see what her and her mom would say. Instead I just smiled my sweet smile, uttered a faint 'good morning' and walked away.

I do realize that Mackenzie could have picked up her distaste for brown people from someplace other than her parents. It could even just be a personal preference instead of some type of prejudice! For instance I don't really like for random people to touch me at all, whether they are black, white, purple or green! And maybe Mackenzie was just being descriptive. I realize I'm reaching here...

Anyway, Mama Bear is safely tucked away for the time being. Evan was fine this morning. He even smiled at Mackenzie (although she didn't smile back). So if he can carry on like nothing happened then I can too. I'm sure this won't be the last time we have to deal with something like this so I'll just keep my bear claws sharpened till next time!

With Love,


  1. My heart skipped a beat reading this story. I too have been led down this road before. Like you I was able to maintain my lane and just encouraged my daughter (in my case) of how beautiful she was and that anyone would be lucky to be her friend. Mama Bear lives in us everyday the claws are just retractable. :0) Still the story saddens me because it just shouldn't happen!!

  2. It hurts me to read this. I am so very sorry that people are so stupid...

  3. Oh, how devastated I will be if one day little Mackenzie is my Gavin! I'm happy you tried to give her parents the benefit of doubt. Sometimes kids come up with opinions that have no reflection of their parents!! I'm sure Evan's charming personality and dapper good looks will turn little Mackenzie around. My advice to Evan? Just keep doing what you're doing, baby, and everyone will love you.


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