Menu Planning 4/11-4/15

It's gonna be a low key dining week.  I have somehow accumulated a freezer full of frozen meat.  Okay, truth be told, whenever I see meat on sale at Kroger...I buy it (even if it's not on my menu for the week).  I tell myself   that I'm getting a good deal so I can't pass it up! Well, I refuse to buy any more meat until I've trimmed down our supply.  I don't like clutter and my freezer is officially cluttered! True enough, I only have about four or five packages of random meats but it still looks cluttered to me!

Monday: Olive Garden with friends
Tuesday: Chili cheese hot dogs (I've included a recipe although we got the chili from a friend and I have no idea how she cooked it... but it's delish)
Wednesday: beef enchiladas
Thursday: chicken surprise (I have preseasoned chicken from Kroger...not sure what it's seasoned with, thus the surprise) throw in a side of mac & cheese and mashed potatoes and dinner is served
Friday: crock pot Italian chicken that we didn't get around to last week...I'm a slacker...I know it!

I'm hooking up with I'm an Organizing Junkie for menu planning Monday

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