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As I mentioned before, we just came back from vacationing with the in-laws in Kansas City.  They tend to always spoil us and this trip was no exception!  I think they are trying to get us to consider moving that way (I've got them all figured out!)  Anyway, as always, it's the simple things that make life sooo much better and I experienced two of those things while on vacation....

I want to introduce y'all to my newest favorite things....

My in-laws Tempur-pedic mattress
Aaaahhhhh....my little slice of Heaven 

This bed is absolutely fabulous!  Okay, all I have to compare it to is our 9 yr old spring mattress that sinks in the middle, but still....it's fabulous  Our first night sleeping on it was a bit rough.  It was way more firm than what we were used to, but like I said, our current mattress is less than stellar (see above reference).  This mattress has absolutely no give which is a good thing.  The next morning, Terrance and I actually woke up with back aches and neck aches from our anatomically correct sleep positioning since our bodies are used to conforming to a mattress with more give than a rubber band.

The next night was a whole lot better.  The mattress succeeded in correcting our less than stellar posture and we were able to enjoy a great night of sleep.  Did I mention that this mattress is da bomb!  I could not feel when my husband tossed and turned next to me. I only knew he was moving when he actually threw an appendage on my person.  I didn't even feel him get out of the bed the next morning which resulted in 5 days of sleeping in (because the hubs wakes up waaay too early)!

The clincher was when we got back home last night.  Once we laid down on our catastrophe of a mattress, we could not fall asleep for anything.  We now realize how bad off we were and how much of a disservice we were doing our bodies.  We tossed and turned until the wee hours of the morning.  Terrance finally said..."Get up and lay on the couch."  It's a shame when our rinky dink sofa is more comfortable than our bed!  

My next little slice of heaven came when I decided to go all Betty Crocker and make Ian a strawberry cake.  Lois directed me to her Kitchenaid mixer and I was instantly in love!
My mom in law's white kitchenaid artisan mixer

Now I've seen these mixers everywhere.  My friends have them.  I see them on Food Network and in the stores but I will admit that I have never actually used one.  Until now.  Before, I was stuck with my handy dandy hand mixer because I didn't know such a fine specimen of a kitchen appliance existed to make my life that much easier.  All you do is pour your ingredients in the attached bowl and go.  Amazing!  I did absolutely no work.  I just stared at my cake being mixed (thoroughly I might add) before my eyes.  Clean up was a breeze and my cake was delish!  All because of this mixer!  That's my story and I'm sticking to it!  We even went shopping for one but when my hubs told me I would have to purchase it with my own money then I had second thoughts about the thing.  I mean $300 can buy a whole lotta other stuff!  And since this appliance will be used to benefit the entire family... the family account should fund it.  That's just my opinion!

This Kitchenaid Artisan mixer in Persimmon is what I've been dreaming about all week.
 Now I know that this color will be a beast to coordinate in my kitchen and I will more than likely get it in black because it's hard for me to stray from my comfort zone but this mixer is gorgeous! 
how about in onyx black

 or cobalt blue... or one of the other 20 something gorgeous colors!

This is the first time I've introduced items in my favorite things category without actually owning them but since I have used them....I think it's only fair to share them with you! I'll definitely have to add these items to my wish list that is growing longer every day!

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  1. I thought I was the only one with a bed that sinks in the middle!!! Your gonna have to work some extra shifts and bestow the gift of a new bed and mixer on yourself and your family. Your family can only benefit from a Shanita who had a good nights sleep, right?


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