Kansas City vs My Waistline

I neglected to share on my blog that I've joined Weight Watchers Online.  I have good weeks and bad weeks.  The good weeks come when I follow the program like its meant to be followed.  The bad weeks come when I give in to my food cravings. It's really not rocket science. Just something about Chick-fil-A that I can't say no to!  Anyway, there is a point to this story....

We have been in Kansas City spending time with the in-laws and although I love spending time with my husbands family...seriously...they are awesome (even my crazy sister in law) but all of this family bonding has wreaked havoc on my waist line.

Here's a rundown of this weeks menu:

Monday: homemade chili and sloppy joes

 I didn't have any of the chili but Terrance claims that it was delish!

TuesdayUncle Bubba's Hot Wings and Mac & Cheese along with homemade cinnamon rolls, compliments of  my mom in law, Lois

Grandma was even patient enough to let Evan help prepare the cinnamon rolls

and help cut them


Wednesday: Meatloaf and mashed potatoes and Parmesan crusted asparagus (recipe via my good pal Gretch...see everyone is trying to sabotage my diet)

we turned perfectly healthy asparagus into...

this amazing cheesy asparagus delight

Thursday: Godfather's Pizza and I even whipped up a strawberry cake at Ian's request

Don't I look like I know what I'm doing...

Lois dropped one of the layers during the transfer and attempted to repair it...it was too funny!  We both screamed like the world was coming to an end and everyone came running to see what the hullabaloo was about. We ended up eating the crumpled cake anyway, sans icing, and it was scrumptious!

Friday: smothered pork chops, mashed potatoes, green beans, rolls

I suppose I'll get back on track once we make it back to Texas!  I have no choice...the weight is getting out of control!  I really want to live at least half a decade longer or more and at the rate I'm going....it ain't gonna happen! It's all about self control (which I have a lack of)! So wish me luck!

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