Winter Weather Advisory

Evan just pelted Ian in the back with a snow ball!

Well, we have been under a winter weather advisory here in DFW.  We all know that a little snow and ice makes us Texans nervous and we start shutting the city down.  On Monday we hit 60 degrees during the day and overnight we were snowed in.  Gotta love it! We have been stuck here in the house for two days and I'm loving it but my husband is restless and has come down with a bad case of cabin fever.  He has risked life and limb for any reason to get out of the house including reasons like "I need to go to the Pawn Shop"  Are you kidding?  What could possibly be so important at a stinkin pawn shop?! When he's not putting his life in danger... he's out in the garage working on his mistress car: Candy, bundled up in two pairs of pants, hats, gloves and triple jackets trying to keep warm. Seriously!! We really aren't bad company... geez! Well, he did get to indulge in a couple of snowball fights with the boys, and he cooked some yummy meals and we watched a ton of movies so it hasn't been all bad!

Check out this fancy foot work while Ian tries to escape Evans vicious snow ball attack!

Mommy, It's cold out here! (I am behind the glass door taking pictures because I'm the only one with a lick of sense in this house)

Get him boys!

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