Read to Succeed

Evan's school is initiating their Read to Succeed initiative. The goal is to encourage children to read for fun in order to gain an appreciation for books and learn the importance of reading. Children are required to read 6 hours of recreational reading in one month. Those who complete the six hours of reading will receive a ticket to Six Flags! You can read more about it here.

Well I had the grand idea to start out reading a chapter book so I wouldn't have to write a lot of different books on the log sheet. I figured it would keep Evan more interested if he had a consistent story to look forward to... You know, a little suspense each night before bedtime! So we chose to read Charlotte's Web. How's that for suspense!?

We started our reading adventure on a good note. He dived right in sounding out words he didn't know and was reading out loud with relative ease. Amazing for a kindergartner in my opinion. Then we hit a couple of road blocks that we haven't been exposed to when reading our beginner books. Things like words in Italics. The print was too fancy and he kept stumbling over them. He would say things like... "Mommy that 'k' looks like an 'r' to me"!  Also the different names he ran across like Fern, Wilbur, and Mr. Arable were foreign to him so he had a bit of trouble sounding them out.  Another major issue was that the words were kind of close together so he kept losing his place or skipping lines or repeating the same line. I'm thinking... Look buddy, you have to learn to follow your finger cuz you're killin' me!  He also got stumbled when a word was cut in the middle and continued on the next line.

We read the first night for 23 minutes. I didn't know he had that kind of reading stamina to read on his own for that long. I was impressed! It's usually me doing all the reading. I could get used to this.

This is going to be an excellent reading adventure. My next step is to get Evan to read to Ian every night before bed. That way I can send them to bed without even going up the stairs! Gotta love it! Just joking (kind of).

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