Menu Planning 1/10-1/16

Things I've learned from Menu Planning:

1. If your kids refuse to eat what you cook, let them go to bed hungry a couple of times and they will learn to eat whatever is provided for them.

2. I eat less when I prepare my own meals. When I eat out, I have the tendency to clean my plate simply because I'm paying a lot of money for it.

3. You should never surf the Internet or be distracted in any while cooking. Inevitably things will spill or burn or both.

4. I am a messy cook...imagine that!

5. Not every meal is a home run, and I'm trying to not take that personally.

6. I still hate leftovers but I also feel bad throwing away gobs of food. Catch 22 ya think?!

7. I'm learning to be flexible. If I don't cook a meal on a certain day that I planned...it's okay. Blessed are the flexible.

8. It's hard to spend money at a restaurant when I can feed my whole family for a week on what I spend on one meal! It has to be really good food for me not to have any regrets.

9. Sometimes all you need is a sandwich, chips and a drink and dinner is served! In other words, not everything has to be an elaborate new recipe. So many times I push a meal to next weeks menu because we decided last minute that we'd rather have breakfast for dinner or we've filled up on a bowl or two of cereal.

10. Don't be afraid to try new recipes (like that darn glazed pork tenderloin I've been trying to make). Either it works or it doesn't!

11. Menu planning saves money! It's ridiculous how much money we've saved in the last month of menu planning and cooking at home. What were we thinking?

12. Although I can't say that I enjoy cooking, it really isn't that bad once you make it a habit. I still love to dine out. Something about being served, not having to mess up your kitchen, and chomping down on good food that makes my heart smile. But now those times are appreciated more because they come so few and far between.

Monday: Cheddar Chicken & Potatoes

Tuesday: Chicken Stir Fry

Wednesday: Beef Tips & Rice

Thursday: Chicken Spaghetti

Friday: Pork Tenderloin (still in rotation)

Saturday: Friends birthday bash...no cooking

Sunday: boys are on their own

*click on meal for link to recipe!

I'm linking up with I'm an Organizing Junkie for menu planning Monday.

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