Tis the season

I love Christmas. Of all the holidays, it's my hands down favorite. The season seems to transform everyone by filling them with holiday cheer and anticipation. Sure, we sometimes forget the real reason for the season which is to celebrate our Savior's birth. We're caught up in the mad hustle to supply our kids with toys they don't need thus putting ourselves in more debt....but despite all of that, I really love Christmas.

The tree is trimmed

Ian really does look like an elf with that ridiculous grin!

Our little depiction of family!

The reason for the season!

The boys are as silly as ever. We are waiting for our extended family to arrive and they are delirious because it's way past their bedtime! But they begged to stay up to see grandma and grandpa. Of course we gave in!

Did I mention that I love Christmas?!

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