Menu Planning 12/27-1/2

Ok. I got off a bit last week with cooking from my menu with family in town and with the holidays in full force. I'm not quite ready to test my cooking on the in laws. I'm sensitive about my culinary masterpieces! But now I'm refocused on my goal. We've saved quite a bit of money by eating at home and it's actually been pretty easy to maintain as long as I plan ahead. I can't just whip up a meal with random items found in my fridge and pantry yet... One day I'll get there!

Monday : pizza

Tuesday: leftover buffet

Wednesday: Sward's casserole with side salad (didn't get around to this one last week)

Thursday: cheeseburgers and fries

Friday: out to dinner for New Years Eve

Saturday: fried pork chops with mashed potatoes and broccoli (husband requested something fried...I'm not fond of frying food. It's messy, and it makes your house smell like a chicken shack!)

Sunday: the boys are on their own since I have to work!

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