Monday Manna: Off my game


I can tell when I’m off of my spiritual game…

I allow days or even weeks pass by without opening my bible. and prayer comes only when my back is against the wall.

I hardly ever open my mouth to give God praise or thank Him for all of the many blessings He has bestowed in my life and man there are many. 

I am easily frustrated and I find myself wanting to rake peoples face on a regular basis.

I doubt my ability to be a good mom, wife, friend. In fact, I’d rather check out and not have to deal with being a mom, wife, and friend.  I find fault in everyone when it’s really just me (most of the time).

I have no desire to make the sacrifice to attend church after working all night and feel no guilt when I’m asleep and my family is at church praising the Lord without me.

My actions and attitude don’t portray me as a child of God: my frustrations and doubts and worries are amplified to the nth degree and people notice the change in me.  And I’m sure they are thinking….”she’s a preacher’s wife?” or “she’s a saved, sanctified, holy ghost filled,water baptized child of God?” I mean really….when was the last time you heard a preacher’s wife wanting to rake somebody’s face?

So once again Lord, I am surrendering my all to You.  Take over my mind,  take over my heart, line the desires of my heart with Your will.  Life is so much easier when I allow You to be in control.  Allow me to decrease so that You may increase in my life.  Whatever it takes…I’m ready and willing!


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  1. Shanita,

    You are always a beautiful child of God, even when you are off your spiritual game!


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