Home sweet home

Going back home is always an adventure. My dad is usually the one who makes my trips back home memorable. He's a character. He has property on the outskirts of town that he took over once my grandpa passed away. I typically stay away from the country (that's what we call it). I have a touch of OCD and the clutter out there overwhelms me and the clutter is a whole other story.

Well this trip my hubby decided to visit the country. Why? I have no idea! So we all tagged along and low and behold we caught up with my dad who was feeding his animals, Midnight and Oink. Midnight is his German Shepard/wolf mix dog and Oink is....

Yep, this is my dad's pet hog. He was once a wild hog dropped off in the country by some of our kinfolk. Don't ask! Oink has been around for about 10 years and we don't know how old he was before my dad inherited him.

My dad said that a couple of weeks ago Oink almost went to that big hog pen in the sky. He positioned himself in a whole for a couple of days without eating or drinking. My dad had his brother, Uncle Jimmy, come out with his tractor and dig a grave for him. Words can not express how disturbing it was looking at this grave! Especially when I kept having to yell "Evan, be careful! Don't fall into that grave!"

Needless to say...Oink is still with us. Dad said that he looked over at my uncle digging his grave and he launched himself out of his hole with a new found zeal for life. Amazing.

Isn't he adorable!?



  1. Hmmm... I bet Oink would make a great family pet in your home! What's better, a pet hog or a dog????

  2. Just Country!!!! =)

    .: Tan :.


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