Pumpkin Patch '10

We had our annual pumpkin patch escapade the other day. We tried a new pumpkin patch (right next to the old one). It was not the best patch experience but you couldn't tell that by these pictures:

This is Evan trying to mimic Candace from Phineas & Ferb.

No pumpkin patch visit is complete without a hay ride with our buddies. Gavin really is excited to be on this ride... He just wasn't ready for a photo op!

In case you cared...

Realizing that they are over halfway shorter than me is kinda sad. One day I will have to look up to them...geez!

This is cute when you're three and six yrs old...it better be the only time I visit them in jail!

Ian is starting to be enjoy taking pictures...it only took three years!

Not sure why this kid keeps posing like all of the characters.

There are no words to describe this picture! Evan was just sitting in the car with this big goofy grin for I don't know how long before someone told me that Evan was waiting for me to take his pic!


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