Monday Manna

We say we trust God but do we really? When push comes to shove and the rubber meets the road...ok, no more cliches...where does our trust really lie? Is it in our own ability? Is it in others? Is it in our financial resources or our connections? Or do we just give up? Or do we drive ourselves crazy with coulda shoulda wouldas and what if scenarios?

I am so guilty of all of the above. In times of crucial conflict, I tend to save God as my trump card and only pull Him out when I've exhausted all of the other possibilities. I rely on my own know how and resources and stress myself out trying to figure things out on my own. In the back of my mind I think that God had bigger fish to fry and I hate to bombard him with my issues. I feel lazy letting Him take care of everything when I haven't tried to use every last one of my own resources. In the front of my head I can recite all of the things that we've learned about God. He cares about each and every one of us. He's there when we we need Him. He knows the desires of our hearts. etc, etc. But in the thick of it, I still try to tackle things by myself.

How many times have I messed things up? Umm....too many to count. How many times have I stressed myself out trying to fix things when God has everything in control. He just wants us to trust Him and lay all of our burdens at His feet. Let go and let God. He's has given us all free will and He won't step on our toes and rush in and fix things until we ask. But the key to all of this is that we have to be willing to go along with God's plan 100%. We may think things should be handled one way but He may have other plans. We have to be willing to trust Him completely. Without doubt. Haven't we learned that He knows whats best for us. He is God. Enough said!


  1. Ummmm, what that directed towards me?!

  2. Of course not. I mean...not really. Well, maybe a little! LOL!


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