Recipe Clarification

Ok. Apparently I should have included pics of my grilled cheese with spinach and pancetta panini.

My bad!

So here's to all of you visual people.

Here are all of the ingredients mixed up in the food processor.
I did not use a lot of spinach. Just enough to feel healthy. And I cut the ingredients in half because we have a small family....duh!

Here are the ingredients all spread out on my whole grain white bread. I didn't have the country white bread that the recipe called for.

I also didn't have pancetta but regular old bacon tastes just as good. I didn't crunch up the bacon either since these sandwiches were for me and Terrance.

Go George Foreman Go!

Ta da!


1 comment:

  1. Thank you very much! Does pancetta taste different than regular bacon and is it healthier? This sandwich sounds and "looks" delish! I'm gonna try it. First I need a food processor....to the grocery store!



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