Monday Mana

I've been thinking a lot about a person I know that has chosen not to believe in the awesome God I serve.  Tons of emotions have been rearing their ugly heads in my brain. 

First, I felt shock.  How could anyone not believe in God?  Every breath you breathe is because He allows it to be so.  You can see God's handiwork in all things.  Even in the bad times... we can be thankful that God has kept us through it all.  I think that people who get upset with God because things don't go their way are a bit selfish.  God never promised that things would always be good.  He did promise that all things work together for good to them that love God. Romans 8:28  Meaning that their truly is a silver lining to every cloud as long as we are totally sold out for God and are committted to Him. 

Next, I felt a bit of anger.  Almost like I took it personally that he didn't believe in God.  Who does he think is responsible for this magnificent thing we call life?   How do you explain miracles or deja vu or that feeling of contentment you get from knowing that He has your back?

Then, I felt sad.  What kind of life does he lead? Is their always an underlying feeling of despair?  Where does he get true joy? What kind of standard does he live by?  What does he do in times of trouble or sadness?  How do you explain that 'spark' inside of each one of us that longs to be united with our heavenly Father one day.  Some things can't be explained or rationalized.  True belief in our Heavenly Father requres a faith that surpassess all understanding.  You can't comprehend it with our limited frame of reference.  God is too big for that.  You just have to believe.  And if you don't believe in God then what do you believe in?  How can you believe that this life here on earth is it for us? 

Then I felt inspired.  This gave me a whole lot of conversation (a.k.a. prayer) material to talk to God about.  For once, I can stop going on and on about the new house that I want and the raise I'd like at work and for a little help losing a few pounds.  I geniunely have some deep stuff to lay at the Lord's feet.  Because I think that praying for a soul that could potentially be lost is a pretty big deal. 

I think about how my life was before I came to Christ and I compare it to how my life is now.  Umm....I ain't going back! Even on my worst of days, the peace that I have now is 100 times better than all of my good days put together before I gave my life to Him!  Man...that's deep. 

So, to my wonderful friend, please know that I'm praying for ya.  I'm not giving up on you yet... and neither has God! 

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