This is what I came home to the other morning. I was so excited about jumping into bed after working 12 long hours on my feet!

I pull back the covers and find a kid hiding under them!

This is even more surprising because Terrance has a strict no co-bedding rule that forbids the boys from sleeping in our bed unless they are sick unto death! But when I'm not there I see the rules are meant to be broken!

Don't you just love seeing father and son decked out in their a-line T-shirts a.k.a. 'wife beaters' at bedtime. We rarely don pajamas in our house. I think the boys only own 1 pair that fits!

I will admit that finding Ian in our bed was nice. I got to do a little snuggling before he woke up (Ian rarely let's me snuggle with him) so it was worth the surprise!


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