We are in the middle of a laundry room redo but that's not what I want to show you. I want to share with you a design created by my little Picaso... Ian.

Terrance walked into the living room the other day to find this....

White paint all over the floors, carpet and coffee table. He even added his little white footprints and handprints to add that special touch.

He went on to dip almost all of their tennis shoes into the paint. The only shoes spared were their dress shoes because they were upstairs in their closet.

I am kicking myself for thinking that keeping ALL of their shoes in a basket by the door was a good idea. I had to send Evan to school with an old pair of slightly snug shoes until I bought new ones. I was able to find an old pair of Evan's shoes for Ian to wear. Thank goodness.

A few bucks and three pair of tennis later...

I can't wait until Ian starts to get paid for his 'art' because our pocket books are suffering!


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  1. That's about the funniest thing EVER.. and you handled it just like I would have - you took pictures first!


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