Weight Loss

I have just finished my first week on Weight Watchers and I must admit that I had a rough time staying disciplined.  I did eat out several times and made several other bad choices that made me go over my daily allotted points.  But now that the week is over and I've started fresh, I must say that it really wasn't that bad!

I learned a few things like:
1. portion control
2. dining out is super fattening
3. cooking at home isn't half bad
4. plan, plan, plan or you will make bad choices
5. if you increase your fiber intake...you must increase your water intake

All that being said, I know you're excited to know how much I've lost!

Drumroll please ................

5.8 pounds!

I know, I know.  I was very surprised.  I don't feel lighter and I still have to wiggle into my jeans but the scale doesn't lie (does it?)  I know this is an abnormal amount of weight to lose in one week and there's no way to keep it up (WW reccommends a 1-2lb weight loss a week).  My body is just in shock right now and the increased fiber intake helped a lot ;-)

Okay, I'll keep you all posted in the upcoming weeks!

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