Weight Loss Update

I know I should be in control of my own body and have more will power but I admit that I don't.  Easter week killed my dieting efforts.  I did some serious backsliding and made some horrendous eating choices!  What gets me is that at times I really can't say no to a craving.  It's not like I am choosing to make bad choices, it's more like my body and mind force me to make bad choices and I am too weak to fight them.  Ok, I know that sounds sooo melodramatic but it makes sense doesn't it?! 
Well I lost a total of 0.4 lbs.  Atleast I didn't gain but I really could have done better.  Oh well, you live...you learn.

Things I need to work on:
1. staying hydrate - I know at times I mistake thirst for hunger
2. planning ahead - this of course leads to bad choices when in a pinch
3. stopping myself at one mistake - I have a bad meal which in my mind turns into a bad day of choices which leads to a bad week of choices instead of stopping myself at just the bad meal!
4. stop being so hard on myself - after all, I've been eating horribly for 32 years...it's gonna take longer than two weeks to break all of my bad habits.

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  1. Stick with it, b/c you are right... it takes time to reprogram your thinking. I know exactly what you are saying. I think I may need to see a food addiction therapist! I can be strong all day but put something tastey in front of me and my rational thinking is tossed out the door!

    My WW leader use to say 'if you break one dish, do you throw away the rest of the dishes?' :) So, when you eat a bad meal, don't wait until the next day or week to do better, start at the very next meal! (Girl, I got analogies for days.)

    Go Shanita!


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