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We all know that we are not supposed to judge others.  But are there ever times when you question someone's status as a Christian? 

I'm always bothered when people say to me "You're a preacher's wife?" when they find out that my hubs is a preacher.  Seriously, is it that hard to believe.  But it always gets me to thinkin'...What do I do or say that makes people shocked to find out that I'm a PW!?

Anyway, so what is a Christian? Glad you asked.
A Christian is someone who believes in Christ (God's son) and is on a mission to live a life like Christ (or turn from sin because Christ was sinless)

So if someone says that they believe in Christ but they live a life of sin then we are justified in questioning whether or not they are truly a Christian.

Now we all know that this is a work in progress.  And some people may think 'Man...I'll never be like Christ, He was perfect for pete's sake'  Well, that used to be my excuse but my husband told me that we can get closer to living like Christ than we think.  And he's right.  We can always do better in our walk with Christ.  But there is a difference in flat out living in sin and occassionally committing a sin. 

Think of all the things you do and say that you know would not be pleasing in the eyes of God. Yeah, He isn't pleased when we lose our temper and yell at our kids. Or when we laugh at that quirky coworker when she shows up at work in what we think is the worst outfit known to man. Or when we cuss out the guy in the next lane for cutting us off in traffic.

A lot of people think that since they are not lieing, cheating, stealing, and murdering then they are doing OK.  But being a Christian is so much more than that...
  • Children of God believe in His son...Jesus
  • They show that they trust God by obeying His commands
  • They show love to others
  • They talk to others about their belief that Jesus died on the cross to take our punishment for sin and that He rose from the grave to defeat sin and satan forever.
So I'm now on a mission to make sure that nobody can question my status as a Christian. How 'bout you?

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  1. I'm with you. I think we have to be concious of how we are portrayed. After all we are a peculiar people so we should stand out amongst others. We also should be recongizable by others who are in the faith. I think as long as you let your light shine and walk with Christ then you will be allowing who you are to show forth.


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