Mini Pantry Overhaul

I have a sick obsession with organization.  It is pretty sad.  I'm telling you, I love watching shows like Mission Organization on HGTV and I love stalking perusing organizing blogs on the web.  The even sadder part is that my house is not organized at all (in my opinion).  I can easily enter other peoples' homes and totally reorganize a space but with my own home... it's a lost cause.  I know that organizing is an ongoing process and you have to constantly revamp a space as your needs change or when you see that your current way of doing things is not working, so my mission today was my doggone pantry.  It has been bugging me for a while but I just now decided that enough was enough.  So I got busy!

Our pantry before: food falling out of the boxes, no organization, boxes falling down when you open the doors.  It's a mess.

I was able to get rid of all of these boxes.  Yes, there's lots of junk food.  Cupcakes, oatmeal cream pies and pudding.....  I'm trying to do better.  Anyway, all of these boxes either only had a few items in them or the contents was beyond expired, so out it went.

I had to throw away lots of food.  I had crackers that expired in 9/09 and tortillas with mold and lime juice that expired in 2006!  That's the year we moved into this house! GROSS!

I know it doesn't look like much but I was able to organize a bit.  I put like items together...duh! and got a picture of what food we need to use NOW and even some ideas for dinner next week.  I put foods that we use most to the front like the ketchup, syrup and oatmeal (go figure) for the boys to have easy access to without knocking everything else over.  I love containers and I was able to put them to use by putting cereal, cookies, pasta, and rice in a clear container instead of having it in open plastic bags/boxes. So now our cereal won't get stale as quickly and the rice won't end up all over the pantry floor! Aaaahhhh. Relief.

I was able to assemble this bowl of GET RID OF items.  I placed it by the door for Terrance to grab on his way to work in the mornings.  I can't have these things lying around while I'm dieting.  It's diet sabotage and I haven't mastered the whole discipline thing! Terrance is on a 'I need to gain weight' mission so this bowl of treats will help him out a lot! Aren't I the best wife in the world?!

Here's another bowl I assembled with leftovers that were hidden in the back of the pantry that had fallen out of boxes or only had one item left in a box (taking up needed space). These are snacks that I can place in the boys' lunches or they can have for an after school snack.  Besides the mini oreo cookies, these are pretty good choices....right?!

On to my next mission....MY LAUNDRY ROOM!

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