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I have a bit of an issue with how we observe our Christian holidays.  It's kind of disrespectful in a way to use a tree and an overweight man in a red suit to represent the birth of Christ, and an easter bunny to celebrate His death, burial and resurrection.  Sure it's a cute way to get kids excited about the holiday but isn't the true meaning of these holidays enough to get excited about? It's just another clever ploy to get us to take the focus off of Jesus and get us to drain our pocket books buying our kids unnecessary stuff.

Am I going to succumb to this madness this year?  Of course.  I will fill plastic eggs with candy and let them participate in easter egg hunts so that they won't feel left out at school. I'm not that mean. I know, it's hypocritical.  But I will make sure that above all else, they know the true meaning of this Easter holiday.  It's not bunnies and chocolate eggs.  It's Christ's passion.  The whole reason we are able to reconciled back with God.  It's our saving grace.  It's Jesus' death, burial and resurrection.

This really bothers me because of the following conversation I had with Evan:
Evan: You know the easter bunny lays eggs at easter time and we have to find them
Me: actually, the easter bunny is not real.  He's kind of like a cartoon character
Evan: No...he's really real
Me: you know how Santa isn't real, it's the same with the easter bunny
Evan: Santa is real.  You just have to believe, just like with Jesus.
Me:  Jesus is real.  Santa and the easter bunny are not.  They are just for fun.
Evan: Oh

Sure, the kid is only 5 yrs old and I probably didn't need to burst his bubble in such an uncaring way.  I just didn't know how else to state the facts.  It frightens me to think that in his mind, Jesus and the easter bunny are in the same boat.  For those who are wondering... he doesn't seem traumatized by these facts.  He was asking for a peanut butter and jelly sandwich and picking on his brother the next second. 

Anyway, I just wanted to remind everyone to not forget the real reason for this upcoming Easter holiday. Read The Gospels in the New Testament to refresh your mind and meditate on the magnitude of this holiday if you need a little refresher.  If that's too much for you to fit into your schedule then don some fancy new clothes and load up the family and head to church this Sunday to hear someone else talk about it.  Whatever works. 

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