My Favorite Things - Rocket

Ok, my posts have been kind of depressing lately so I'm gonna liven it up a bit by presenting you with my new favorite thing.

A little background: a fellow coworker of mine is always sipping on delicious looking shakes. Upon further investigation I found out that these shakes are homemade with a little mixer that she brings from home along with all of her ingredients. So I thought, "Well golly gee! I think I'll make my own smoothies and stop spending an arm and a leg at Smoothie King and Jamba Juice, but I don't have a cute little mini mixer like she does."

Problem solved. While at Macy's, looking for cuff links for Terrance, I stumbled across this cute little number...

It's a Bella Cucina Rocket!

Now I have nothing to compare it to, but I love it. I've been a smoothie making fool. I stocked up on a ginormous bag of frozen mixed fruit at Sam's Warehouse and I've been making smoothies for breakfast, lunch, dinner for the past week! I feel so much better replacing my Sunkists for something healthier. I get more than the recommended daily servings of fruit so that's a plus too! To top it all off it's super easy to use and it only cost $29.99!

So far it's worth every penny!


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