Happy Valentine's Day

I love Valentine’s Day.  I know many people think it’s just a man made holiday used to get people to spend money on stuff we really don’t need in an attempt to show love to people we should be showing love to all year round but I love it anyway! It gives me warm fuzzies.
To celebrate Valentine’s Day we took the boys to Build a Bear Workshop and let them create their own Heart Day gifts.  It’s pretty funny how the boys personalities were reflected in their creations.
P1020051 Which bear do you think belongs to which kid?
P1020040Ian picked out this cute little black bear and dressed him up as none other than…Batman!  He named his bear Grrrr!
P1020041 Evan picked out this charming little puppy and dressed him up as a doctor.  He named him Dr. Silly Sam!
P1020057 Here’s Ian in his Batman pajamas with his Batbear!
P1020078  Here are the Lofton boys on Valentine’s Day on their way to church (Mama Lofton was catching up on her zzzzz’s)

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