I value friendships. They make the world go 'round... or is that love that makes the world 'go round?

Anyway, I've had friends that have come and gone for a variety of reasons. I agree that some people can be in your life for only a season but there are others who you are lucky enough to have around for a lifetime (unfortunately you won't know if they will be around for a lifetime until your lifetime is over but that's another post for another time!)

I've got a couple friends that have known me for what seems like forever (and they still choose to be friends with me). I love looking back over the years at how our relationship has grown. It gives me warm fuzzies!

So here's a shout out to my most ancient girlfriends... Tangela & Ashley!

Tan, Me & Ash circa 1999
Don't we look like little kids?

Ash, Tan & Me circa 2009
All grown up!


  1. Omg! That first pic sucks butt! LOL! I love you two to pieces. Couldn't imagine this life without you ladies!


  2. Ok, the first picture is a little out there but I needed a good close up picture for comparison!

  3. I love you two also. Dearly! Meant to say that when you posted this...

    My badd :-(

    I look fat in the 2nd pic


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