Stock Show

We visited the Fort Worth Stock Show & Rodeo for our Working Moms Playgroup the other day. I have a lot of respect for farmers and ranchers. I love my bacon and eggs for breakfast and a greasy cheeseburger for dinner but I am personally not a fan of being up close and personal with animals of any kind nor do I enjoy the smell of cow dung in my nostrils or the feel of thus said dung on my feet but I took one for the team! The boys of course enjoyed it.

Evan and Ian got to pet goats and rabbits, feed chickens and watch piglets nurse from their mommy. We even saw a baby chic attempting to break free from his shell. Very educational!

We also saw lots of horses, cows, cowboys and all things farm related.

My favorite part was the food of course. I enjoyed an extra long corn dog and fries but the BBQ was also calling my name. I was recovering from a weekend of gastrointestinal upset so I bypassed the turkey legs and funnel cakes!

I'll leave you with a few more pictures:

Only in Fort Worth Texas will you see this...

And this...

Gotta Love It!

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