You all remember Auntie Tangela from this post. Well she is in time out with me because she gave Ian this...

A super tricked out Remo tambourine complete with double rows of jingles. For those who know nothing about tambourines....this is a super nice tambourine for a 2yr old. We've only bought him cheap plastic tambourines (that break after a week)

Well this kid loves his new tambourine. He wakes up and asks for it. He even asked Terrance the other day, on a Monday night, "daddy, can we go church so I play tamoreen?"
Anytime he hears music on tv he runs to get his 'tamoreen'.

Here he is with his tambourine watching Dora the Explorer and waiting for a musical interlude!

I'm glad that Ian loves his new gift but Auntie Tangela could have atleast included a bottle of ibuprofen...in my humble opinion!


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  1. Auntie Tangela will have children one day, too! Then Auntie Shanita will remember this and return the favor one hundred fold!!!


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