Getting Old

Well, we've gone and done it.  We are officially done with our baby crib and it is on it's way to being turned into a full size bed for our guest room.  This is a bitter sweet milestone in our lives.  It marks the beginning of a new era.  It has been a part of our lives for over 5 years. It will no longer be used to cage innocent newborns while they drift into dreamland.   Or serve as a launching pad for rough and tumbly toddlers who are seeking freedom.  No more cute little mobiles or crib bedding which of course means no more breastfeeding, no more gerber baby food, no more first words, first smile or first steps.  This is exciting and depressing all at the same time.  It seems like yesterday....

  Isn't it so cute?! So many beautiful baby memories. It has looked the same for both boys.  It has been a part of our family longer than the boys themselves lasting through two houses, two kids, and three rooms.   Okay, I'll let it go.

Crib used as Daybed.  My boys love Spongebob. I know it's corny but it makes them happy!

Boys sharing a room still using the daybed.  Before we went out and spent a fortune on matching beds, we had to see if this whole room sharing thing would work.

"Let me help daddy"
 The boys had to help of course

Doesn't Ian look so small in his new bed?
I know the linens don't match.  We're workin' on it!

When Terrance finished putting the bed together he stood back, looked at me and said: "Sweetheart, we are getting old"

Time flies when you're raising kids!

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