Ian got this cool Fridge Phonics game from Santa us for Christmas. I am a fan because it teaches the alphabet and sounds for each letter plus it gives the boys something to do while I'm busy in the kitchen. Ian is already starting to recognize letters and sounds faster with this game than with the flashcards we've been using.

A picture of our fridge

Well my problem is that it drives me crazy to have all this junk on my fridge plus I've become obsessed with counting the letters to make sure they are all there. I seriously have to will myself to not count every time I open the fridge. I would hate to try and teach my kid the alphabet when there's a 'g' missing. He can't go to school saying A. B. C. D. E. F. H. ..... How will he ever spell goat!?

**for those of you who are counting the letters...don't forget to count the 'J' on the machine. I forgot to count it and I almost flipped out**


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