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The other day before I fell asleep I started to pray. Usually I have a pretty systematic prayer where I begin by thanking God for being God and for all the wonderful things he's done for me.  Then I ask for forgiveness for all the not so good things I've done whether known or unknown.  Then I commence to pray for all kinds of things. 

Well this particular night, my boys were heavy on my mind so I started to pray for them.  I started by asking God to protect them while they were at school, then I prayed that they continue to learn throughout their school years and that they are successful in college, then I prayed that they make new friends who impact their lives in a positive way, then I prayed that they don't get sick while at school, and that they don't come down with any diseases like cancer and such and that they live long healthy lives, then it was I hope they marry nice, loving girls and have beautiful babies, then it was I hope they aren't victims of violence, or kidnapping, or car wrecks, or peer pressure, Oh, and God, I can't forget death by drowning or electrocution or fire. 

You get my point.  I kept thinking of all of these horrible ways that my children could become injured or die and I had to mention all of these things just in case I forgot something and left a loophole for something horrible to happen to my children.  My prayer turned into sheer psychosis.  It was very unsettling.  So I stopped my ridiculous attempt at praying for my kids and just asked God to continue to shower us with His mercy and grace.  And even if one of the above mentioned things happened to one of my kids then I know that I will be alright because of His mercy and grace.  THE END. 

Psalm 52:8
NKJV: I trust in the mercy of God forever and ever.
Amplified: I trust in and confidently rely on the loving-kindness and the mercy of God forever and ever.

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  1. I, too, fall victim to the 'prayer psychosis' not wanting to leave a loophole. So silly and uncalled for, really.


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