The Headless Dinosaur

I have this dinosaur sandwich cutter from Williams Sonoma.  I think it makes the cutest sandwiches.  Well, the other day I made the boys PB & J sandwiches and cut them up with my oh-so-cute sandwich cutter and here's the conversation that followed...

Evan: Ian you should eat his head off.
Ian: staring at the head of the dinosaur sandwich
Evan:  I'm going to start by eating his head off and then I'm going to eat his belly button. Mommy, do dinosaurs have belly buttons?
Me: I'm pretty sure they don't seeing as though I think they were hatched from eggs.
Evan: Oh.


  1. My sister make dino-sandwiches! Next time you should stick a raisin or something where the dino-button might be!

  2. Good answer. Very well thought out. I would have just said yes and expected my child to believe me!


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