Birthday Extravaganza

My firstborn son is now 5 years old! It was a bittersweet realization for me. My boy is getting older. He's now tall and awkward and a bit of a smart mouth and he doesn't fit into the crook of my arm anymore. Heck, he doesn't even like to snuggle with me like he used to. But this post is not about me....it's about him.

We opted not to have a big party this year, but we did celebrate Evan's 5th birthday with a whole weekend dedicated to him. Here are some pictures from his birthday weekend.

We had lunch at Incredible Pizza. Here is Evan dancing with his lil' bro...
Check out those moves!

Riding rides at Incredible Pizza

Our Pastor & Wife's church anniversary was held on Evan's birthday so we spent his birthday afternoon helping them celebrate. Here's a picture of the Sunshine Band getting ready to perform.

Look at Twinkle Toes Evan. Such a show-off!

**Throwback Birthday Pics**

*we did celebrate his second birthday but those pics were captured on a disposable camera which is now lost....forever

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  1. Love the dance moves and the pictures from years past!


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